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Caridina Dreaming - Shrimpy Update


12 Oct 2007
And so it begins again...

After another visit to @Aquarium Gardens today i have purchased a new AG 45cm that will become first and foremost a scape but also a dedicated Caridina tank.

I think i have everything i need to start, minus the plants, so i will start to work on the hard scape this week.
This one will be a bit of a slow burner so bare with me.

More to come soon...

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Looking forward to folowing this one mate

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There tanks are nice
Is that the twin star 450e
I've been waiting for the 450s to come back in for my 45p
Glad to see you have MTS too lol
Here is the full kit list...

Optiwhite 45 @Aquarium Gardens 45x27x30cm

Twinstar 450E


Oase BioMaster Thermo 250 Aquarium External Filter with added Neo Media Pure and Soft

Blau Glass Inflow & Outflow 13mm

ProdiBio AquaShrimp Powder and Neo Soil mix

Black Lava Rock
Gnarled Manzanita Wood

My plan is to attempt to run this without CO2, but i reserve the right to bottle out and add CO2 at the first sign of struggling plants. ;)
Did fillipe have a influence on your choice for the black lava rock lol
No someone much more influential, the misses! She wanted it in the other tank but I bravely overruled her :)

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That left Roots pointing in the right direction looks out of place , otherwise nice start :)

Agreed Cookie, here is a slight tweak which is a bit better i think, i will need to live with it for a day or so and try a few other ideas.


I vote for the first - prefer the tension from that R pointing left most wood, it also provides depth as closest curve is bigger and then dwindling in distance (supporting the back right wood)

Of course CooKieS does better tanks than me :cool:
I can't open this thread without signing California Dreaming in my head, always good when your journal has a soundtrack to go with it

Can you angle the bit of wood in question anticlockwise a bit more in the first layout? 2nd layout it just looks a bit put of place but I'm loving the rest of it, really interesting pieces and nice layout!

I managed to read the topic as that several times
Couldn't Resist :)

All the leaves are green
And the Rotala is red
I've done a large trim
On a water change day
I'd be safe and warm
If I was in a LFS
Caridina dreamin'
On a water change day

Stopped into Aquarium Gardens
As I passed along the way
Well, I got down on my knees
And I begin to pay
You know i like to plant bold
Dave knows I'm gonna pay
Caridina dreamin'
On a water change day

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