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chain loaches??

21 Feb 2009
stroud, glos

any body got experience with these?

i initially bought 2 to rid my tank of snails, i thought they were great fish and after reading a bit more about them decided to get 4 more as i believed they would be much more social and active, i've read they they will even shoal mid level.
mine how ever are still pretty reclusive and while i have seen all 6 at once they were in different places, i do see 2 or 3 together once in a while only on the bottom at the back.

the tank is well planted with no scary fish in it but i hardly get to see these little fellas as they find tiny places to hide most of the time.

anything i can do to make them more friendly?

Yellow Fellow

New Member
6 Apr 2009

U should check out http://www.loaches.com/ might help a bit.

How long have they been in your loaches for?

I got a Neonoemacheilus labeosus about a month ago and its only just coming out and digging around. may take some time for your chain loaches to get used to the tank and each other.
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