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check me please


New Member
25 Mar 2008
I set up a planted tank 6 days ago, a 3x2x2 with soil topped with gravel, sump with ocean runner 3000 and heater, a fluval 403, 150w metal halide and co2 injection with a 5kg fire extinguisher and ceramic diffuser. The sump is fed by an overflow but is arranged in a way that no water is tumbling over causing gas exchange to increase (i hope)

Here is the mix i made up for dosing, trace mix- 3tsp in 500ml water dosed 3 times a week in 40ml doses, my other mix is 9tsp of pot.nitrate + 1 1/2tsp of pot.phosphate + 1 1/2tsp gh.booster all mixed in to 500ml water dosed 3 times a week in 40ml doses. First big water change happens on saturday.

bad photos but the first one shows the tank an hour after being set up, second photo is 6 days later


plant growth seems slow to me but they are growing and the new leaves show no signs of deficiency that i can see, but to be honest im starting to think ive got something out of balance but i dont know what it is, the last couple of days i upped the co2 to make the drop checker turn yellow, there was more bps than i could count but still no sign of pearling.

The tank looks healthy still, very few of the stems lost their bottom leaves, there was a bit of crypt melt but those leaves are already being replace by new ones. Im new to this so havent really got anything to compare my results to, does anything look out of order to you guys?

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