check valve built into bubble counter question

15 Jun 2020
So i ve seen on a video that the check valve needs to be placed right next to the tank at water level so when the power goes off (the solenoid)the water backs up to the check valve, depending on where the check valve is would mean either 40mm of pipe or 1.5m in my case. i dont wanna have to wait for the pressure to build up every morning in 1.5 of pipe when i only have a 14-15g tank ive ordered the check/bubble counter on this one

going to be atleast 1.5m from valve to tank so should i order another check valve to ensure i dont have a 1.5m of water to clear out the pipe every morning in my tubes or am i missing something which stop this from happening? not 100% on the mechanisms here
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1 Oct 2016
Sorry for late reply

Having the check valve as close to the tank CO2 outlet in theory makes some sense as it will let less water back into the CO2 tubing. In practice it makes little difference as long as there is a check valve with regards to the water in the tubing and back to the solenoid.

However the longer the tubing means it will take longer to reach working pressure when the CO2 comes on and longer to lose pressure when the CO2 goes off.

The shorter the CO2 tubing the better IMO but not always possible to get things close and you also need to allow for changing the CO2 cylinder etc As long as you don't have 10 meters of CO2 tubing coiled up under tank 1.5m is fine IMO

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