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Discussion in 'Carbon Dioxide (CO2)' started by andy, 23 Dec 2008.

  1. andy

    andy Member

    Lewes, East Sussex

    I bought a second hand reg a few weeks ago and last week, i hooked it up to a new, 500g CO2 bottle. I set the bubble rate at 1bps using the ladder i had from my DIY kit.

    I turned the CO2 off manually at night and on again at about 3.30pm so it was on for about 7 ish hours.

    The bottle lasted 5 days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would've hoped this might've lasted a bit longer especially at £17 a refill :wideyed: Does anyone have any suggestions / if it's a leaking reg, how can i tell ?

    Many thanks in advance

  2. scottturnbull

    scottturnbull Member

    Fairy liquid and water, applied to the regulator joints, will produce bubbles from the leak, if there is one.
  3. Themuleous

    Themuleous Member

    Aston, Oxfordshire
    Yeh or dunk the whole lot into a bucket of water. Same principle.

    Certainly sounds like a leak somewhere as even a 500g cylinder at 1bps should last a few months.

    Have you considered switching to a 2kg fire extinguisher? Much cheaper and would last loads longer.

  4. Simon D

    Simon D Member

    I just posted this on another thread and may (or may not) be of help:

    "If you use a peice of 1or 2" cardboard tubing (from inside wrapping paper or kitchen roll for example), place this against your ear and then follow the entire set-up from reg as far as you can get to tank you may be able to hear any leak. Bump up the injection rate and switch off all other equipment temporarily while you do this to black out any other noise."

    If you are in a silent room and you are losing that much gas I think you should hear it.

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