Chihiros A-361?

I set up my new 60L Nano a while back and swapped the lights over. The 37L looks fine with the Eheim 7W light that came with it (I made a new stand for it some years back) but the 12W spot isn’t cutting it on the 60L. I did get a new 15W spot from China but it doesn’t seem any brighter than the 12W. I’ve spent quite a bit on the setup so far so I need something at the budget end. I can get a 21W Chihiros A361 for about £25 do you think it would provide enough light? Just wondering if it will reach the substrate well enough. Here’s the setup so far. I think it’s clear that due to the hardscape a single source spot probably isn’t up to the job. The Eheim doesn’t look as bright as it really is as it’s still a bit overgrown?



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Just curious what light you picked in the end for you 60L tank? I think I've got the same tank as yours (Dennerle) which came with 8W light. It seems not bright enough for some bottom or red plants, and I wonder if I need to add another light, such as ONF Flat Nano or something from Chihiros.
I've just started couple of months ago and struggling a bit with plants and algae.


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