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Clumping Or None Clumping Cat Litter?


23 May 2009
I had Tesco Cat litter in my tanks for about ten years. The first tank, I only rinsed it until it stopped turning the water brown whacked it in and planted it. Water was crystal clear by the next day but it still smelled of perfume, so I ran some activated carbon in the tank for about a week. This took the perfume smell out. I had threadfin Rainbowfish in the tank and they weren't bothered by the perfume at all, in fact they thrived. Plants always grew well too. Only reason I removed the Cat litter was that I hated the orange look of it. No other reason, if it had been a dark brown colour, I'd still be using it. I have Black Limpopo sand now and still miss the way that plants grew in the cat litter.