Co2 leak advice


18 Jan 2016
Apologies, I've posted a couple of variations of this already.

I've gone through 6 months co2 in a week. Using disposable 600g co2 canisters.

I assume I have a leak. So I've done the soapy water test which revealed nothing.

The bottle pressure has dropped when the co2 was off. So I assume the leak is not in the tubing/bubble counter.

So I'm guessing it's either the connection btw bottle and regulator or somehow the regulator itself.

At one point while fiddling I screwed in the bottle and gas vented out the 4 small holes in the side of the regulator. This has never happened before.

I unscrewed the bottle, reattached and it didn't happen again.

I've also noticed the tap needed to be open quite a lot further than previously to get gas to flow, even when the bottle was full.

I'm probably being dim.

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