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Discussion in 'Plant Help' started by Fish Cakes, 19 Jul 2007.

  1. Fish Cakes

    Fish Cakes Newly Registered

    Hope this is in the right section?

    Got told about this site by James after he had helped me on another fishy forum.

    Anyway i have an Aquamas Co2 reactor which will be connected to my Fluval FX5 external filter. I am hoping to get this connected this weekend while im off work.

    The question i have is the Fluval filter autmatically shuts down every so often (not sure how often) for a couple of minutes to release any trapped air, will this have any affect on running the Co2 reactor as there will be no flow going through it for 2 mins?
  2. ceg4048

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    Chicago, USA
    Hi Fish Cakes,
    I don't have any experience with either that reactor or that filter but I would imagine that like any canister/reactor combination, when the water flow stops you'll get a CO2 bubble buildup but as soon as the flow is back on it will start disolving the gas and after a short while it will be business as usual. I can't see any reason why the reactor would vapor lock, especially with an output flow as high as this filter is rated.

  3. JamesC

    JamesC Member

    Bexley, Kent
    The only thing I can suggest is that you try it and see. I would guess that it should be ok. I often tun off my filter when doing HC maitanence without any probs. The CO2 builds up a bit at the top of the reactor but then when filter is turned back on again it soon dissolves.

    Welcome to UKAPS btw
  4. Fish Cakes

    Fish Cakes Newly Registered

    Cheers guys thats what i thought but just wanted to double check, i'll set it up tomorrow and let you know how i get on.

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