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CO2 Refills...


15 Mar 2011
Just had my 2kg refilled by Flame Skill in Great Yarmouth.

£4. (Price list on wall for fishtank and paintball refills of various sizes)

Sent them an email last week (Dec 2020) asking if they still refill, and mentioned my fire extinguisher is over 10 years old, here is their reply

Thank you for your enquiry, yes we still fill Co2 extinguishers for aquarium use the Cost is £5.00 + vat (£6.00)

We should be able to refill whilst you wait.

You are partly correct in that we cannot fill a cylinder over ten years of age until it has been retested, the test will require that the valve be changed as well so we offer tested, refurbished cylinders c/w new valve at £40.00 + vat (£48.00)

We should be able to get one made up for you very quickly but would need to check your current unit to see if a diptube is fitted.

If a diptube is fitted this means that the Co2 liquid is drawn up which is at a higher pressure (without a diptube just the vapour is drawn off at a much lower pressure).

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us again.


New Member
12 Feb 2021
Got a good one for Yorkshire if you want to add to your list.
Peter Gibbs
Rent Free Gas also an agent for Adams Gas
Just charged me £55 deposit for a 3.25kg bottle and it's £18.50 to refill.
He's even dropping it off at the house for me, talk about good service.
Here's a link to the hydroponics and plant growth selection.

Co2 Gas Bottles | Food Grade Co2 Cylinders | Co2 for Hydroponics

Are you looking for food grade Co2 gas bottles? At Adams Gas our food grade Co2 cylinders provide perfect Co2 for hydroponics, plant & aquatic plant growth.

Rent Free Gas


Hope this helps anyone.

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