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Discussion in 'Carbon Dioxide (CO2)' started by amy4342, 23 Nov 2008.

  1. amy4342

    amy4342 Member

    Hi all
    I was wondering if anyone could show me where I can buy a Co2 regulator for a disposable cylinder (like the welding ones). I've found that, as long as I buy them from Machine Mart on a VAT free day, they work out cheaper than buying a fire extinguisher and refilling it (since refils are £15 for 500g in MA and it's £7.99 for a 600g bottle). The problem is, I can't find a regulator that fits! Any links would be most helpful.
  2. Behold

    Behold Member

    Basingstoke. Hants
    I have seen diposable regulator converters to fit on a refillable so you must be able to get a reg.
  3. vauxhallmark

    vauxhallmark Member

    Any regulator for disposable cylinders such as JBL, D@D, etc. should fit. However, I don't have an ebay address for a non-branded one - is that what you're looking for?

  4. gwa84

    gwa84 Newly Registered

    i looked into this a while back owning a using welders myself i use the disposable co2 bottle and did some digging i found that ther are other contaminants in the co2 it is not pure as it dousent have to be for welding purposes i decided not to risk it the manufacturers could only tell me that other contaminants would be present like organic oils and such but couldn't be specific
  5. nry

    nry Member

    Cumbria, UK
    Old thread raise, but after buying some '3rd party' cheaper non-refillable cannisters from a well known online shop which we all know and love, it was nothing more than the exact same cannister sold by Machine Mart, obvious from the fact that there was a new 'aquarium' info sticker placed over the top of the Machine Mart style sticker.

    I've been using the Machine Mart 600gm cannisters for about 6 months now with no ill effects - and £9.75 a cannister is much cheaper than online shops, especially once delivery is taken into account.

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