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co2 regulator


2 Apr 2008
Im looking to do a FE co2 system soon. On ebay ive seen many different regulators.

What is the difference with using a single guage reg opposed to a double reg guage?

Is it a neccessity to have a solenoid connected to the reg?

Is a needle valve needed on the regulator? if it is, how do you attach them onto it?


19 Feb 2008
worksop, nottinghamshire
single gauge reads the tank presure (FE around 55-70psi), the second gauge reads the output pressure (1.5-2bar reccomended)

2 is better than one because if the output pressure is to low, then it is hard to inject enough, it is too high then it can split your tubing,

solenoid allows you to cut it off at night. SOme people run it 24/ 7 but at a lower injection rate as it must be green all the time, whereas people who run it during the day sometimes let it get up to yellow by night before turning it off.

Needle valve is a must, this allows you to change the amount of CO2 injected. some are built onto the reg, and some fit inline (like a none return valve).

Check out the link in my sig for equipment info and whats neede etc.

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