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Discussion in 'Carbon Dioxide (CO2)' started by synspilum, 1 Aug 2008.

  1. synspilum

    synspilum Newly Registered

    Guys does anyone know of anywhere nearer to Leeds other than Harrogate Aquatics at Knaresborough who can refill a Dennerle cylinder. Also does the fitting on a Dennerle fit other cylinders with it being German or are they universal, many thanks :?:
  2. Ejack

    Ejack Member

    Berkshire, UK
    If anything you may want to see if your Reg fits on a CO2 Fire Extinguisher. That way you'll have more chpoices on your CO2 Refils and its probably a lot cheaper.

    Post a pic of your regulator, maybe Dan or some of the other forum members maybe able to help you out
  3. milla

    milla Member

    Their is no lfs in leeds that even supply co2 that i am aware of never mind do refills.

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