CO2 Yeast Recipe

Discussion in 'Carbon Dioxide (CO2)' started by beeky, 3 Apr 2008.

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    A planted tank forum wouldn't be complete without at least half a dozen CO2 yeast recipes, so what's the best one?

    All the recipes I've found all refer to cups of sugar, which is far to vague for a non-american to understand. Are we talking dainty tea cups or man-sized mugs?

    Is it worth putting in baking soda?

    If using active dried yeast (the stuff needing to be activated in warm water first) do the quantities change compared to the easy bake yeast in sachets?

    In case you're wondering why I'm still living in the dark ages, I was going to get a CO2 system for my birthday, but found out Bjork was playing in Portsmouth soon so got tickets for that instead! :p (no abuse please! :lol: )
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    worksop, nottinghamshire
    You can get proper measuring cups with equates to 240ml.

    You add baking soda in if you have a low kh, because it contains carbonates witch raises the hardness which stops your ph levels fluctuating to much. I think you have to add it if you have a kh below 4
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