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College 5'x2'x2' 100g


13 Aug 2007
Would T5s have a high enough intensity in a 2' deep tank?

With good reflectors like the d+d Ws they would, when i set my tank up that's the only lighting i used for the first 6 weeks, and you can see how the tenellus lawned


25 Oct 2007
hmmm...i have a tank of similar volume to yours - its a Rena classic 120x50x70. I use one Eheim 2329 thermo wet/dry filter - rated pump output 1050 l/h. It seems to perform adequately for me on my 100gals. Not knowing your filter types very well it is difficult to say these would be the problem. I imagine if George ok'd them they would be up to the job at hand?

Low biomass combined with EI and relatively strong MH lighting at 300W? Looks like this may be more likely the culprit? That isnt a lot of planting for a tank of some 380 litres or so? Maybe aim for some stems or amazon frogbit to mop up excess nutrients?

Personally i aspire one day to move away from the T5's i have in compact and Luminaire form to the exact lighting system you have. I think the MH lighting gives a far more natural light scatter. T5 has a tendency at times to look too uniform IMO - like a solid block of light if you will. T5s definitely have enough 'punch' to get to the bottom of my 70cm high tank - i know this as my tennellus has taken on the thin reddish leaves common with its submerged and light happy form.

George Farmer

30 Jun 2007
Tom said:
College say they can't afford to buy any more plants (not that they bought any in the first place, theyre all mine ;) ) and also I'm out of Trace elements. They won't give me any more and I can't keep supplying them for a tank this size :wideyed: they give me a funny look when I say I'd like anything other than Tetra :lol:

We'll sort it. I'm sure it'll get there in the end.

It may be worth contacting Tropica.

Would Craig be up for writing an email explaining who Sparsholt are and your recent increased interest in planted aquaria?

Tropica also do free training for retail staff at their base in Denmark. They may be interested in doing the same for you students, as most of you will likely work in the trade... Grass roots, so to speak. :)

BTW give Craig my regards. I haven't forgotton about another lecture. Just up to my eyeballs ATM.