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Correct ph for aquarium


11 Oct 2009
Hi Nathan, a lot would depend on your locale water source (assuming you use tap water) but perhaps you use rain water or RO treated water?
Generally speaking most people don’t get to concerned about the PH because they use what come out of the tap.
Folk who use injected C02 will see quite large fluctuations in the PH every single day because the C02 will drop the PH as much as 1-1.5 points.
However there are other things that can effect the PH like lime stone or certain woods.
I would say your PH is quite low, it would be good to know what your locale water board figures say about the PH of your tap water.


Thread starter
9 Oct 2020
would love some advice I’m confused 🤷‍♂️ as my ph is stating around the 6ph mark have just done a water change as it’s my schedule to do one each week as when starting the set up I did daily 50% water changes and now moved on to weekly .. I just have the issue of Monte Carlo is starting to perish but roots seem good I took off the dieing plant matter leaving the roots submerged into the tropica soil but it’s looking very dull co2 is run in the tank not had this issue before as mc was always on point in my old aquarium.. so starting to give up and may move to grass instead what’s everyone’s opinion

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