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Could you all please help me to win a GHL foto contest?


29 Mar 2011
Could you all please help me to win a GHL foto contest?
I have entered for a GHL photo contest. Now the contest is closed and voting has started.

Please click on the link and press the "Vote" button (not the like button) :p
GHL - GHL Aquarium Photo Contest | Facebook

If you'd be willing to share this post on Facebook that would be awesome!
Thanx, i am on top right now, let's hope it remains so. That is the benefit of being active in so many forums :) :)
I won! First of all i was 3rd in place and won 250 euro's but yesterday they disqualified the persons at place 1 and 2 for reasons not mentioned. So now i can say that i won 1000 euro in vouchers! I will spend them on LED lighting i think and maybe on a new dosing unit if i still have spares.
LEDs are ordered, i hope to receive them within 2 weeks
Well it was not easy to find out but i ended up with 2x Mitras Lightbar 160 for tank 159 - 170 cm (max. power consumption: 96 W)

LED-configuration per 10 cm Lightbar

5 color channels:
2 x Cree XBD 6500 K
2 x Cree XBD 4500 K
4 x Cree CLV6A, red 622 nm, green 530 nm, blue 472 nm

Mid color temperature 5500 K
Luminous flux per 10 cm Lightbar 486 lm

I made a topic here GHL Mitras Lightbar - What do you need? | UK Aquatic Plant Society with some help for people wanting to connect thesame configuration.
Price with protected cover:

Price without protected cover and turned on:


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