Critique pls

Keith GH

28 Aug 2017
Melbourne Australia
Wow you are extremely close now.
Here are a few my suggestions to try
Tall rock back LH corner can you lift it about another 10cm?
Think natural LH side all the broken pieces would be scattered close to the bases of all the other rocks after also lift the small substrate up the tall rocks LH side and slope down as a natural build up

DW RH front ???? its a massive eye flow blocker. I would try it at the rear of the tank LH side between the small rock closest to the pathway it the space between the next slightly taller rock. Now the fun part see if will fit with the root part down and a long twiggy piece pointing to the right.
All that might mean moving that rock forward a little.

Thinking ahead
To be continued tomorrow
My brain is in overdrive at the moment and for some reason my PhotoShop not cooperating with me.


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