Crowd Funding Planted Tank Research/Experiment

Discussion in 'General Planted Tank Discussions' started by Jack12, 6 Aug 2015.

  1. Jack12

    Jack12 Member

    13 May 2013
    I mean it shouldn't cost too much to get a few tanks, quality lab equipment for the purse of solving CO2, Fertilisation and the optimal lighting dilemma? The findings will be published for every one to access. Right now all we've got is speculation, broken dreams and few good experiments here and there, but with crowfunding could it be possible to come up with a magic formula similar to Amano?

    I am sure this will attract even more people to the hobby as the question of lighting, water chemistry and ferts will be sorted once and for all.
  2. Jose

    Jose Member

    9 Oct 2014
    There is quite a bit of info on soil, light and co2 at but its qite scattered. I think ADAs magic formula can be explained with a few points:

    1) High level of maintenance carried out by the staff
    2) Rich soil and lean water dosing, just for ferns and mosses to have something.
    3)CO2 in the form of bubbles. Very efficient for plants and more safe for fish. Also low surface agitation during photoperiod. This lets them use high(ish) light but not as high as people think.
    4) Big and frequent water changes
    5) Best marketing in the world of aquascaping
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  3. flygja

    flygja Member

    12 Mar 2008
    Penang, Malaysia
    You could just donate some money to Marcel a.k.a. Ardjuna, if you support what he's doing. He's been running some nutrient-related tests on his site.
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