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Crypt + Staurogyne Repens deficiencies post EI implementation


29 Jun 2020
South Africa
After feedback on an earlier thread of mine I started using EI by mixing my own salts. I have been using the Fert calculator (thank you Zeus); specifically Clive's version of EI. Although, the plants overall look ok to me their growth rates have not been what I have seen in the past. I can live with a slower growth rate, but some of the plants have clear deficiencies, which I find odd as I have no other apparent issues (huge algae blooms etc). All the other variables have stayed the same since I started using EI (3 weeks now). My crypts and repens are particularly deficient for some reason.

The repens grows well, but the older leaves (picture is not super clear sorry) develop green spot algae over time and my light is not on a high intensity at all (probably 1600 lumen now last 2 months). The crypts have holes in the leaves and decay. Its not pinholes either; just simple decay it seems. There are cherry barbs in the tank but I don't think they eat plants do they?

I use RO water and dry dose CaCl and MgSO4 as per the Fert calculator (GH=4, KH=0). CO2 is on 24/7 and the DC remains lime almost yellow.

Could it be because I am using the EDTA version of CSM+B which requires the pH to be on the low side? I don't have probe to measure pH reliably. See the attached pictures.


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