Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia

Discussion in 'Plant Help' started by flaviu.vlaicu, 9 Feb 2010.

  1. flaviu.vlaicu

    flaviu.vlaicu Member

    31 Jan 2010
    Romania - Timisoara
    I have put in my new tank 10 cryptocoryne pontederiifolia.It has passed only one day since I put them in the new new tank setup but I am a bit worried cause they are laying a bit on the ground "like someone is exhausted from a long trip".And one of them is a bit pale,color tend to white.Is this how the species is ? Is is normal for them to be like this for a few days ? I hope it will be ok.I injected some pro fito and some esy carbo from Easy Life.I hope that will boost the for a bit.Does this species of plant raises in the water or stays close to the ground ? The water temperature is around 27 at the bottom and 28 at the top.
  2. AndyOx

    AndyOx Member

    25 Oct 2007
    South Oxfordshire
    Hi there,
    I have found it quite normal with C. pondterifolia for it to "slouch" for a while, it will eventually raise it's leaves up again. The paleness could be lack of iron or nitrogen as it definately seems to like plenty of both. However as you have only recently planted it, I would say it is most likely just the shock of being transplanted. I would wait and see how growth formed in your tank appears in terms of colour. It is a very nice plant though and can reach 12"+ without any problem at all.


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