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    Lately my tank has been developing a quite thick layer of this, under the sand along the front of the glass at the bottom. Also little clmups are appearing all over the place. My phosphates are at 5.0, dont know whther this is too high or not, is it?
    Also ammonia nitrite both zero, and notrate a little high at just over 40. Ive had problems with this before, and i have just overdosed easycarbo, whilst the tank light have been off. I done a blackout for 1 week exactly, and it did dissappear, but couple weeks later it was back.

    The tank is not in direct sunlight, and i only have 1.3wpg dosing that tpn stuff and easy carbo, no pressurized co2.
    Any info very much apppreciated.

  2. nry

    nry Member

    Cumbria, UK
    Hmm...generally linked with low nitrAtes, poor flow and often sunlight - the sunlight doesn't have to be direct though, it can be through a blind/curtain.

    I only ever get this beneath the substrate at the front of the tank - I just push it down with an old store card each week with the water change.

    George Farmer recommends covering the glass with black tape where substrate is visible and this seems to work. It isn't a true algae so liquid carbon probably won't do much at all, but a blackout generally knocks it on the head. If your water flow around the tank is poor this also seems to affect things too.
  3. Garuf

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    Black outs are the best way to get rid, then it's a matter of increasing kno3 dosing and flow.

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