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Dan and Andy's crypt


Job done fingers crossed everything settles down ok

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Plants used in this are flame moss and Christmas moss
Alternanthera reinckii Pink
Cardamine lyrata
Myriophyllum mattogrossense
Cryptocoryne beckettii Petchii
And a few unknown stems

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Two now Sam I've pulled the old tank that kicked it all off down into kit form again time if only there was more of it ! I honestly don't know yesterday was pretty full on but I seem to manage with a couple of hours a day Andy (big clown) helps a lot he was helping with the bogwood tank yesterday it's all become a bit of a obsession for us both I suppose its a better hobby than the pub although I don't think it's much cheaper !
I've even been considering setting up a tank at work in my garage reception but fear I won't get much done for tinkering with it you never know watch this space !
Come home today to find both sides and the rear of the tank covered in green algae very unsightly it seems to have appeared today as it looked fine this morning suspect far to much light so shortened the light back considerably also might be getting some sunlight from a window which will have a darker blind by the end of the week so think ill be investing in some ottos and more frequent water changes
Frequent water changes at startup is something I learnt from this forum. When I tried it on my last tank I didn't get a spot of algae. Try large water changes daily for the first week, every 2 days for the next week, then every 3 days, every 4 days and then weekly.
This is exactly what I have done and will stick doing .
I'm onto week 2 and now changing 50% every other day .
The only algae is on a rock which easily brushes off , other then that nothing :)
You use alot more light them me I can switch between 25 % , 75% and 100% so I have alot of play :)
Your tank still looks awesome though !!

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Been a busy evening started with a 50% water change going to do a 25% daily as from tomorrow see how it goes a shade made and installed on the light doesn't like starting up with just one tube light now reduced by a good fifty percent
Then came the hard bit drilling holes in my beautiful stained wood floor (this aquascaping has a lot to answer for) running 6 mm copper tube under the floor to the co2 bottle in the cellar head a bit of modifying of the pipe work and I think I've cracked it both tanks supplied with co2 from one bottle and regulator spent the last hour tinkering with pipe clamps and adjusting the needle valve to even up the bubble counters on each tank and co2 delivery real test will be start up after the shutdown period and if they even out again afterwards I need a two way splitter with independent needle valves or another bottle and regulator however hope this works for now as eventually I will be moving onto a larger bottle and manifold with each tank having its own reg and valve taken from that having access to pipe flaring equipment tube and a air products account does have its advantages industrial size bottle once this one runs out I think !