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decided not to blackout


New Member
28 Apr 2008
after some really good help and advice from the people on this forum,i have decided not to do a blackout to rid my tank of bga,so far i have removed i would say 90% of the bga over the last few days,put tape around the bottom of the glass to stop any light getting directly at my sand substrate,cleaned my filter hoses as they where badley full of sand and slime
removed every plant that was infected with bba also,repositioned my external filter pipes so both inlet and outlet are both in the same corner of the tank and already there is a marked improvement of the water flow around the tank,difusor is at the other end of tank and the co2 bubbles are travelling all around the tank now.my ei dosing is now correct as i had got all the calculations wrong in the beginning.only down side is that with so many plants having to be trimmed or removed completely the tank aint as well planted as it used to be,also must have removed a fair amount of bga infected sand,can i replace the sand with clean fresh sand?
any way i would like to thank everyone who helped me to hopefully have sorted this problem out


Expert/Global Moderator
Staff member
11 Jul 2007
Chicago, USA
Glad you found it helpful. You can replace the sand if that's easier or you could treat the affected sand with a rinse or soak in excel treated water. Continue to dose properly and keep up the maintenance and you should be fine.