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Decor and plant survival advice required please.


New Member
20 Oct 2008
Bonnie Scotland
Hey guys, i currently have 4 Bolivian Rams, 13 Cardinal Tetra's, 8 Harlequins, 5 Corydoras Trilineatus and 1 Bristlenose Plec in a very happy community tank.

BUT, i am wanting to change the decor to suit the Rams and was wondering what plants would be best?
Having read an article in a recent magazine i have settled on having some Echinodorus, Cryptocoryne's and Vallisneria's- but i am at a loss on which one's. Any idea's?

It is probably best at this time to mention that most my plants tend to die on me, as i have no clue on plant keeping, so any advice on that would also be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance, Trub.


6 Nov 2007
What size is your tank and what sort of lighting do you have? Echinodorus' have a "nasty" habit of getting REALLY big and take over your tank but do not require that much maintenance. Crypt are a personal favourite and come in all sorts of flavours and sizes. I'd recommend you take a look here:
Browse through their plant list and see what sizes would work for you. And get your hands on some All-in-One fertiliser like Tropica's TPN+ or, if you feel adventurous, make you own:
James' All In One Solution
Good luck and let's see some pictures of your tank :D

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