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dennerle 30l new scape

A couple of pictures during water change :) and I have to say my new favourite plant is tropica 1- 2 grow Ammania sp. 'bonsai' im not sure if im just having a bit of luck but this thing is growing absolutely brilliantly and looks great to :) and riccia is doing well to




Ive got no idea to be honest I bought it about 6 years ago when I was breeding fish, I bought it from a lfs in crewe it came in unlabelled bags, grain size is 1- 3 mm if your wanting some ive got approx 2 kg left

Small update, everything growing really well no issues upto now and ive ordered some more plants, ive got Bacopa australis to go in the rear right corner and ive got some Chladoflora that im going to use in between the rocks

Pics to follow :)
Hi Andy
unfortunately this was taken down due to work and an upgrade to a larger opti white, which all being well will be set up in the next 3 weeks :)