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Dennerle Scaper 55l out crop


New Member
6 Oct 2010
hi all, long time member but usually just a watcher so to speak. Finally got my 55l up and running and settled so thought i'd share it.

Back story
Having started with planted tanks some years ago with a 40lt south American tank (with a pair of Rams), i moved to a mbuna tank (my favourite of all the tanks i've had) before then moving to marine tanks for 3-4 years, tank looked stunning but i was always stressed about the next big problem (that never really materialised once it was stable), so sold up whilst it looked good.

At Christmas i got bought a 30l cube and started planting in it, realised very quickly it was not big enough so moved up to a 55l a couple of months ago (also realising it's not big enough but knowing it's a big as i'm going to get) and here am i. i've not really had algae problems but i think that's because i had my lights low to start with, only in the last week i have moved the light setting up 10% and started to dose a little more, keeping a watchful eye in case algae starts to show. I did think about C02 but i'm not comfortable or know enough about it yet to start playing with it.

Dennerle scapper 55l
Fluval 307, have to say it's a brilliant filter, so quiet and has to be as the tank is in the lounge
Fluval Planted Nano LED
12.30 > 14.00 sunrise
14:00>19:00 daylight - Red=30%, Blue20%, cool white 71%, pure white 75%, warm white 70%
21:21:00> Night

Glass Lily pipes
ATC 300

Not a clue anymore (most are tropica)

13 (two types of Pseudomugilidae)
7 Corydoras
Red Rily Shrimp
Red Cherry Shrimp
Amano Shrimp
Wood Shrimp

20lt water change once a week
Daily dosing of Seachem Excel - 10ml
TNC Complete - 2ml
Water Temp 21>22 degrees c


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