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Dennerle Scapers Tank 35 Litre "The Red Ring"

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Hi Simon
Thank you, every tank is a learning journey!
Dennerle Nano Scapers Tank..jpg 3.jpg

A little update.
Bucephalandra Theia Dark.....has been under a canopy of the floating plants for a considerable time, this has resulted in the plant becoming a petite version!
32. Hygrophila pinnatifida added, a few small stems.
Google brought me here and to this thread in particular. May I be rude and ask a few questions?

I see you put a Tidal 75 on a 35l aquarium how are you finding it with flow power?
I see you added a heater to the tray compartment which I find fascinating. How is that doing?
How are the sponges doing in the intake pipe and skimmer? Has it affected the filter or pumps performance?
I recently purchased the Tidal 55 to go on my Dennerle 70l and was concerned that I should have gone for the 35. Seeing you have a more powerful filter on a smaller Aquarium has put me at ease somewhat.
So you regret adding snails?
Can you post a picture of the Crypt Gecko please,? Your choice of Crypts are great

Thanks in advance

Nocturnal Midwife
Welcome to the UKaps👍
I like the option of these filters as the flow can be reduced very considerably.....from full power to a gentle cascade!
Yes I did add a Dennerele Nano heater but the temperature adjuster got stuck at 22 degrees..... so I replaced it with a
Amazon product
No issues with this heater 👍
I added a course sponge plug into the bottom of the filter.....there is no intake pipe attached!
No issues doing this as far as I'm aware!
You won't have a problem with a 55 Tidal on a 70 Litre Scapers Tank.
Ramshorns snails are doing a great job...I don't seem to be getting overpopulated by them....probably because there is no fish and uneaten food to scavenge.
I've moved the Green Geko and sold some.....one of my favourite Crypts....but it does get a tad large for the smaller scapes!
Hope this answers a few of your questions.
Not open for further replies.