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  1. thewelshwonder

    thewelshwonder Member

    Will these be any good for my 240 ltr tank, using the jbl reactor at the mo and wondered if these would give me better distibution,bought a koralia 2 yesterday but didnt like it so ive listed it on ebay if anyones intrested.

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 0274223630
  2. Piemonster

    Piemonster Member

    I've got those diffusers, thy're fine for diffusion but I would recommend keeping the koralia for better distribution of CO2.
  3. thewelshwonder

    thewelshwonder Member

    im going to buy another tetratec ex 1200 and run a spraybar the full length of the tank
  4. ceg4048

    ceg4048 Expert/Global Moderator Staff Member

    Chicago, USA
    Hey welshwonder,
    On a tank that size I would seriously consider using external reactor(s) in lieu of the wimpy internal ones shown in your link. There is a DIY thread written by Ed Seeley or you can opt for the expensive store bough ones, like the one shown=> Cal Aqua Inline Diffuser

    The externals work well when their outputs are fed into the spraybar, but only if the hydraulic energy is robust. For a 240L tank you should consider a filter rating of at least 2400LPH if you will not otherwise supplement with the powerheads. So this means either the Tetratec 2400 or something like an FX5 or Eheim 2080. High tech planted tanks of this size are in the "No-Bozos" category so you have to really think seriously about the equipment or the risk of endless algae problems is magnified.


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