Dimmer for LEDs on 12/24V AC


4 Aug 2015
Hello everyone,

I want to dim some lights I have on AC (not DC). These are garden lights/pond accent lights so AC is used to reduce voltage drop over very long wires.

Any ideas how to dim these babies on the cheap? I want a WIFI control and timers etc.

The original bluetooth controller is $100 which I think is a little steep but I may spring for it unless I can DIY.



Thanks for your advice!


16 Apr 2015
It depends on the led driver if its dimmable.. Note a led is a diode and its always DC, thus it contains a driver with a rectifier.
Something like this tiny thing is build into the lamp housing. You see the 4 rectifier diodes on it.

Thats why you can use a AC 12 volt PSU but it will also work on a DC PSU.. Than if you want to go on the cheap i think you will be stuck on DC power. Have you tried DC to see if you can stil make the distance? Or did you test and experienced a voltage drop?. If it still works propperly on DC voltage you could go with something like this.

or this

If it doesn't work on DC due to a voltage drop.. Than you could make use of a AC/DC buck converter like thi. You can put AC in but it will put DC out..
and the above Wifi Dimmer, build all in a waterproof casing and place it outdoor closer to the led lights. And convert the AC power back to DC in there to run the dimmer and the lights without a voltage drop on DC. That is if you are with in the 40 metres range of the controller i gues you are good to go. :)

I'm not aware of an alternative AC wifi solution..

Than if you g this route and like to get nerdy on it.. Since now yu run the leds on DC power you actualy have no need for the build in rectifier anylonger. You could bridge it out and have a little more power on the lights. Because the rectifier also causes a voltage drop, if you put 12 volt in always a little less will come out.. This you can do with find the positive lead on the capacitor. Connect the DC12 positive to that and the negative to the main ground/negative pin from the lamp.
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