Discus FRY!

James Flexton

21 Aug 2007
Stotfold, Herts/Beds
Nice update Dan. my tank is on route as we speak. looking at discus now on the net to pass the time. i will wait a good 3 months before buying any to make sure any early fluctuations are out the way. i was thinking of 6 young'uns at once as i will have a ton of cardinals in the tank by then and i dont want the discus to view them as lunch. rather expensive live food lol. inspired for sure i'm really enjoying this thread. thanks mate.

Ed Seeley

3 Jul 2007
Not totally sure about the sex of the male based on the spawning tube, but looking at the pics on their behavious I'm pretty sure you are right that the male is that one. Generally males will do most territory defending while the female fusses over the little ones!

As soon as I get a big enough tank a decent group of wild discus is top of my wish list! Preferably red-spotted greens!


15 Oct 2007
Hi all, I know this is only my second post but I thought I'd share some info on Discus.
If discus want to spawn they will, regardless of temp pH and hardness. If you find you have a pair of fish that are supposed to be a pair that are not doing it for you then you can play with the water chemistry to help them along. The advice is normally softer than soft water and a pH as low as 5. If you are really serious about breeding these fish then you will condition them in stable neutral water to prevent them from spawning. This doesn't always work and the fish will spawn anyway to anoy you.
Then you will slowly lower the hardness and pH to maximise the best results. That said, David Lim the creator of the Crimson spotted and Scarlett spotted and other strains of discus formerly of Fishio Tribe, bred and fixed his strains of discus in hard Singaporean tap water - chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals and all. a pH of 8 and a hardness of 14 German degrees. Have a search on google for scarlett or crimson spotted discus - very pretty creatures!

Probably one of the hotter topics in discus keeping (did you see what I did there?). I keep them at 29C. I once tried to raise a few discus in regular temps, for some reason it didn't work, they didn't grow well, developed HITH, grew emaciated and died. They do not need to be kept at 30C, but I wont keep them lower than 28C, and they love water change day where I directly fill the tank from the cold HMA feed. I'm not sure what the temp drops to, but it isn't there for long.
One thing I have learned in all aspects of fishkeeping is what might work for you might not work for me and vice versa. So have a crack at discus and do it how you feel it should be done. But, most of the ideas about discus temps are there because people have already tried and failed with lower temps.

Discus are easy to sex if you know what to look for. Personally I ignore finnage shapes, unlike some. I recon you can tell by looking at them head on. If you take two fish of the same, or even similar strain, say a Red Turquoise and a snakeskin type the male will have a thicker top lip than the female. To confirm you can take a look at the vent from bellow, the female will have a V shape to her while the male will have a small o shape, for further confirmation, the female will lay the eggs and the male will fertilise them :p
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