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Discus scape - thoughts!

Joseph Rock

New Member
17 May 2019
Hey guys,

Redoing my discus tank post house move - 150 x 55d x 60h. Last edition I had pretty heavily planted and became a time constraint and a bit overgrown - looking at going for lighter planting this time and slower/easier plants - amazon swords at the back and a couple of tiger lotuses for some surface cover, some shorter crypts and helanthium selectively in mid ground and anubias/buce etc on hardscape. Trying to emulate a river edge with tree roots and vines going in etc. Fish stocking will be around a dozen discus as focus - plus dwarf cichlids, plecos and a couple schools of tetras.

Its a lovely piece of wood but it takes up 1 half of the tank which leaves just over half tank for the Discus, 12 is far too many Discus for that scape in that tank, the wood is an inanimate object the Discus are living creatures, your priority is the welfare of the fish first and foremost.
Just chiming in, you may well be up and running already.
I’d agree with previous comments, it may be too limiting for discus and they may injure themselves on smaller branches.

Beautiful hardscape though and would look incredible with a huge shoal of nano fish.
Well after a frankly embarrassing amount of time, this is back on the go, life does throw in delays! Have taken previous comments under advice about priorities and have come up with the below - the main piece is the same, but lot of the smaller wood pieces are out so overall a lot more swimming room - about 3/4 of the tank now.Plants arrving tomorrow (swords, lots of anubias and buce and a few smaller foreground, got some tenellum and staurogyne among others)
Yangtse rock. First time I've used and happy with them - they've got some yellow ish colouration areas that go nicely with the colorado sand I'm using whilst still being the smoother River style compared to the dragon stone i had before