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DIY Brine Shrimp Hatchery Showdown


New Member
17 Jan 2022
Thought I'd share my brine shrimp hatchery version 3.0

It's just for fun, but works surprisingly well. The LEDs are stuck to the inside of the second bottle cover, capturing their heat. (1W each)

Components/Crap I had laying around:
  1. IKEA Stainless Steel utensils jobbie.
  2. IKEA button USB LED jobbie.
  3. Glass beads (for weight in the base, use whatever)
  4. Air line. I left excess so I can lift out the bottle for cleaning etc.
  5. Non return valve.
  6. Plastic needle valve for draining.
  7. Needle valve (unnecessary, from failed DIY CO2 experiments....why not)
  8. Air pump of choice.
  9. Bottle cap with 2 x airline connections. (from failed DIY CO2 experiments)
  10. Coke bottle cut up for the cone, and use the base for the first lid.
  11. Cheap cider bottle cut up for the second cover.
Nice and quiet too, with two layers and a muffling effect from the first lid (small holes drilled).
Total Power: 4.5W

Anyone care to 1-up me? DIY only.


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