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DIY LED Floodlight set up

gunny bedford

New Member
2 Jan 2019
Lympne, Kent
Hi I am considering increasing the light on my aquarium, and looking at the possibility of building some form of DIY LED floodlight set up, I also want to open the top of my tank up, so this seems a good option to achieve both, however not sure what i need and how to go about it, so wondering if somebody has done similar ? I dont have a lot of cash to put to the project, so purpose made aquarium luminare are not in the mix, hence looking at the DIY option.

My tank is quite tall, approx 62cm from substrate to top of the tank, and 90cm wide by 50cm deep.
I am thinking of getting something like this Amazon product
And guessing i will need 2, the product blurb suggests they are 30W with 6000 Kelvin and 3000 lumen, would 2 of these suffice for my tank ? I am keen to try and grow a foreground carpet of dwarf Sag, but wondering if these are powerfull to put the required light output onto the substrate to ensure a good carpet growth, if these lights are not suitable has anyone any suggestions of a similar light that would be suitable ?

Also not quite sure how to mount them over the tank, thinking perhaps a putting a floating shelf above the tank and have the floodlights attached to that, or perhaps getting some of the various goosenecks you can get from Amazon and clamping them to the back of the tank and then somewhow connecting the floods to the end of them, once again if anyone has some good suggestions or experience i would be grateful to hear.

many thanks



New Member
19 Apr 2022
I have hung them from the ceiling using steel wire (the metal crimps that are used are called gripples) and are available from electrical wholeesalers , or fishing line works.