DIY Lighting - Wattage Input or Output Used?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Jimbo1981, 21 Mar 2017.

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    21 Mar 2017
    The DIY Build and Results

    Hi all, sorry for the delay in getting the PAR results over. Had a few issues with online orders for the rest of the tank and has taken longer to setup. Also i decided to add 6 additional GU10 fixture spotlights to my DIY lighting Rig to give me a bit more flexability with the lighting and can spot light certain plant zones if needed (possibly with RED & BLUE lamps). All lighting remains LED based though.


    IMG_2391.JPG IMG_2474.JPG

    This Rig has:
    2x 30w 6500k LED Flood Lights (Centre) - Timer 1 @ 3 Hours 12:00 - 15:00)
    6x 3W 6500k LED GU10 Directional Spot Lights (Edge) Timer 2 @ 10 Hours 10:00 - 20:00)

    Which looks like this fully lit (Although it's brighter in real life, due to the lens adjusting from the light via the window - all sort that later) - Also... Excuse the wiring, this ones a prototype and i've not mounted through the ceiling yet.


    PAR Values:

    These have been collected using the Seneye device at various points face-up as per instructions (not dangling free like the photo - due to its poor sucker design, grrrrrgh!)

    All Lights On: 78 PAR
    Flood Only: 56 PAR
    GU10 Only: 22 PAR

    TOP of TANK:
    All Lights On: 130 - 200 PAR (depending if directly under source)
    Flood Only: 50 - 150 PAR (depending if directly under source)
    GU10 Only: 30 - 50 PAR (depending if directly under source)

    So..... Big Question.... Is that too little light? too much light? Or "Goldie Locks Perfect"? lol... Any feedback would be welcome on that. Happy to supply a plant list, but i have just planted some in to see how it does for now. Please note, i currently do not have any CO2 in yet, just using Flourish Excel and Seachem Black Clay Gravel as substrate. Most plants have only been in a day after posting, so yes they do look a little ropy at the mo.

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