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Do I have enough light?

Sean Bugeja

New Member
7 Apr 2019
Hi everyone. Just set up a nano. I'm currently eyeing a low tech system. I dose easy carbo daily and profito as fertiliser weekly. I have another 230 litre aquairum which is thriving using the ei dosing method and high tech system.

The question is do I have enough light?? I have the newa 50 which has a 7w led ( 18 white leds at 4500k and 6 actinic Royal blue less 445nm). The aquarium is 35cm x 35cm x 36cm which will result in approximately 45 litres after you account for substrate.
What do you think? I wouldn't hesitate for a second to go high tech with it as I really want it to succeed Lol.
17 Aug 2018
I'd say you have enough light for low tech but only low tech. Then again, why not stick with low tech? Loads that can be achieved in a low tech system!

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