Do i need c02?

Discussion in 'Carbon Dioxide (CO2)' started by jamesw, 23 Aug 2009.

  1. jamesw

    jamesw Member

    My aquarium is a juwel rio 400 (400 litre - 100 US gallon) All my lighting is T5 - i have 2 x 54watt and 2 x 39 all with reflectors which apparently double the output of my lights, is this true? If this is true i have 3.7 watts per gal, if not i obviously have half of that (1.85 wpg). Do i need c02 with this lighting, if so i was thinking of getting the JBL proflora m602 system? i am dosing traces, micro - macro nutrients. Thanks!

  2. rawr

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    It depends on what sort of plants you want to grow - some need CO2 to be grown successfully but others don't. In any case it will speed up growth significantly.

    I don't know about the reflectors but I doubt they double the output... I think 3.7wpg is overkill though even with CO2 injection.
  3. jamesw

    jamesw Member

    yea i thought that was abit exaggerated, so woteva my lighting is, it will increase growth rate? Will it also allow me to grow more difficult plants? Thanks for reply
  4. Themuleous

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    Aston, Oxfordshire
    Reflectors don't double the output of the light produced by the bulb, all they do it 'reflect' the light that goes out the top of the bulb (and that would otherwise go into the hood) back down into the tank. But even that doesn't double the light getting into the tank, but it certainly helps.

    As for CO2, I would say definately, thats a lot of light and a lot of T5 light which is more intense than T8 lighting. The whole WPG 'rule' was based on T12 lighting years ago in the US.

  5. CeeJay

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    Surrey UK
    Hi jamesw
    If you want to grow the more 'difficult' plant species, I would suggest CO2 is a neccesity :(
    There are plenty of plants that will thrive without CO2 addition but with your lighting they may struggle.
    Lighting drives the whole process, the higher the lighting the more demand for nutrients which unfortunately includes CO2.

  6. jamesw

    jamesw Member

    Ok thanks for your replies guys, much appriciated!

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