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Does carbon effect fertiliser?

28 Jun 2008
Spalding, S.Lincs

I've recently added plants to my tank for the first time and started using JBL Ferropol and a TetraPlant C02 system (nice and simple to start with!)

I'm due to change the carbon in my Fluval 305 soon but as an after thought I'm wondering if the carbon will have any effect on the fertiliser or not?

There's no mention of advising against using the 2 together on either the JBL bottle or carbon packaging but i'd rather know now than waste fertiliser in the future, I know carbon shouldn't be used when medication is added to the tank but does the same rule apply here?



19 Jul 2007
Lincoln UK
Carbon will remove some of the nutrient yes.

Wether planted or not theres not much point of fishkeepers using carbon permanently because it has a short 'lifespan'. The length is debatable but different people suggest anything from 48 hours to 2 weeks but once it has done its bit it just becomes an extra piece of media surface for the bacteria!!!

Most people these days take the carbon out as soon as they get the filter and save it for when they need to use it. i.e. to remove meds after treatment etc.

The manufacturers telling oyu that it should be there is just to get sales of another product. If you needed it then you will be replacing it every week or so.

So in summary remove and never put back in unless ou are trying to remove something that shouldn't be there.


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