Does WPG rule apply with this bulb?


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29 Apr 2008
Hi all,

I'm now trying to start a planted tank after come to decision to throw away my plastis plants! Having been an avid reader on this forum for sometime now, I guess I'm happy to take the plunge now and see how it goes.

Anyway, I've got 2 of these came from the tank:, but 1 is blue!

I was wondering whether they count as the WPG rules as not sure are they categorised as Compact or not? Also, not really sure what are the K ratings as not really specified in the packaging. Another question is that, can I buy a normal Daylight bulb (6400K) to replace the blue one?

FYI, the tank is 60L. Thanks.


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11 Jul 2007
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Actually, those bulbs will work fine if they function in your lamp. I'd opt for using at least one of their daylight bulbs as there may not be enough energy on that particular blue bulb if used by itself. As to whether the wpg rule works with these, well, the rule breaks down on that size tank anyway so it doesn't matter. As long as you have plenty of CO2 and nutrients it should be fine. If that was originally a marine tank then it may be that using two of the daylight bulbs is actually too bright, so using 1 blue bulb and 1 daylight bulb might be a better start.

Here is a quote which I find most disturbing on that webpage:
"Fluorescent lamps should be replaced every 12 months as their effective performance diminishes over time. If you notice algae growths or slow plant growth this may indicate the lamp needs changing, even if it continues to illuminate your aquarium."

The above quote is complete gibberish so ignore that advice entirely as their marketing department must have stopped taking their reality pills... :wideyed: