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Drilling cabinet for pipes

Rob P

13 Oct 2013
Morning all. Long time since I've been on this forum but I'm finally getting round to setting up a tank I started work on about 7 years ago!

I will be setting this up low tech and hopefully easy maintenance with some fish for the kids amusement and easy planting. I'm hoping to do it island style I think. Tank is an ND custom built 80x40x40, the stand I built myself from 18mm mdf. Its all been sat in the mother in laws garage for years and was a little damp but structural integrity of everything seems good.

So to the question... To complete the stand I've got some adjustable feet coming I need to fit, and I also need to drill/cut the pipe holes. As it stands, I'll be using the standard hardware that came with the filter and this means either: spray bar along the back, exit pipe coming from back left, inlet also back left. Or, spray bar along left hand side shooting across to the right, and again inlet back left. So seems obvious to cut pipe holes to accommodate both pipes going to back left. However!! I'm not ruling out replacing the spray bar with a more aesthetic lily pipe at some point, and I assume the best place for that (bearing in mind I need pipes on the left regardless) would be front left.

So, looking for advice on best way to cut pipe holes to allow any of above configurations as I'm sure many have had the same issue.

All the best,


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