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Drop checker mod


27 Feb 2009
Being a tight wad I didn't want to splash out on a JBL drop checker, when I'd already got a cheapo one, so thought there must be a way of putting a white background on one of these cheaper ebay drop checkers.

I cut the end of a white plastic 5ml medicine spoon and wedged it at 45° behind the drop checker.



Quite chuffed with this considering I thunked it all up meself 😀, although I'm probably not the first to put a background on one of these things.
Works for me. 🙂
Yep, had thought of that too, just wasn't sure that stuff was safe or not.

How long does the tipex last before going mushy and degrading?

Sounds good. Just checked my tipex and it's gone all thick and horrible. Have to stick with the spoon for now, even if it isn't as neat. 😛
Looks great!

I got one of those Cal Aqua ones with the white post inside them (http://www.greenleafaquariums.com/co2-d ... ecker.html), which I'm fairly happy with, BUT, it's about twice as big as a normal drop checker!

It's really a beast. If you filled it up half way (per instructions and pictures) it would hold about 15ml of fluid (guessing here, I'm not at home to check), and take about a day to change colour. So I just put a few mls in the bottom. It's well made, but I can't say I'd recommend it, just because it's so BIIIIIG (it's really big - did I mention that?)

$36.99! for a drop checker, crikey. My ebay one was £1.99 + £2.60 postage from Hong Kong.
Tigermoth said:
$36.99! for a drop checker, crikey. My ebay one was £1.99 + £2.60 postage from Hong Kong.

:lol: That's not where I got it from, was just the first link to a picture of it I could find!!