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Dry salts where to buy in EU?


Thread starter
19 Mar 2021
Aalborg, Denmark
Hi Folks,

I have a 54 litres high tech tank and am planning to try out the EI dosing method with dry salts for macro and micro.

I am based out of Denmark and finding it difficult to source the salts here. Most of the sites (solufeed preferred) are based in UK and do not deliver to Denmark.
Does anyone have info on suppliers based in EU from where I could buy the salts ?

I bought some potassium phosphate for there :

They shipped it fast for me in Belgium, even so not the cheapest.

I don't know if they sell micro.

Some fellow forumer gave me this link too :
But I didn't ordered from them and the page is only in Dutch which I don't talk.

Other than that here in Belgium some drugstore sells the most commons compounds like potassium nitrate. I don't know if you could find the same shops in Denmark.
You'd better target your attention to shops dealing with laboratory chemicals. The assortment of chemicals in aquarium-hobby shops is often very limited.