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30 May 2020
Hello, I have had a weblike mold creeping over the Ada aquasoil which has killed most of the plants (to much misting) , I have removed the plants now my question is what can I do if I want to replant the aqaurium? I would not really like to remove the substrate and rocks ruin the scape
my plan was to remove the cling film and let it air out for a little while to kill off the mold then replant it, would This work or will the mold just Reappear when I replant and seal?

Tim Harrison

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5 Nov 2011
It should work, worth a try at least if you don't want to disturb your hardscape. Ventilation is often how commercial growers control mould.

Once you're confident the mould has died off, resume the DSM.
Spray once a day, the draft created by the spray should cycle the stale air out of the tank, but pull the cling film right back for10mins to make sure. And keep the water level just below the substrate.
Hopefully, that should solve the problem going forward.

If that doesn't work you'd probably be better starting again. I'd cook the soil in the oven for an hour or so on full heat that should kill any mould / spores etc...
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