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Dupla Armatur Pro Regulator to Co2 fitting thread needed

any links for co2 piping at 6mm and reducers would be great

thanks dean
you think this would do and you think the 6mm is internal diameter of the pipe ?

Thanks dean
thanks tim you think the tubing I linked would do the job as tubeing a lot cheaper lol also you think the 6mm will be the internal diameter

Thanks dean
it is apart from stupid plastic bit :mad: couldn't believe suck a solid reg with that fitting, ghost world has exactly same problem he said his snapped but apart from that seems good


My one snapped and I harassed Dupla, they sent me another, but I choose to attach a solenoid to it.. A really stupid decision by Dupla to add plastic to such a solid device.

I am sure that the fitting is universal, you can take the plastic bit to a pump shop, the ones that fix washing machines, or industrial washing machines, they use solenoids..
Thanks mate will have a look but until then you think any clear tubing would do or would I need to be co2 proof ?

Thanks dean

Thanks Dean