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Louis Mckee

New Member
28 Jul 2019
Hi everyone, I’m Lou from Manchester and I love keeping fish and plants. I have had an aquarium since I was 14 and was aquascaping right from the start. Back then it wasn’t called aquascaping, I was just going for the most natural look possible. I care for, and am tinkering with a 250ltr 1m x0.5 x0.5 jungle aquarium incorporating some lovely roots and stones with loads of lush gorgeous plants. It’s a struggle to keep everything healthy all the time but I love the process and all the highs and lows. I do have a heap of experience but am no expert so I won’t be giving much advice out if I’m honest, but I do have a ton of stories about what I’ve experienced keeping fish, plants and travelling far and wide to experience nature and all it’s wonder.