Echinodorus in 240l tank


14 Aug 2018
North West
I have the Fluval Roma 240 litre tank (with a good light, CO2 injected, Excel, root tabs and EI ferts) and have just pulled out 2 of my 3 E.Bleheri monsters that had taken over almost every inch of space. The growth sort of exploded a couple of months ago after a year or so of fairly pedestrian growth. The one remaining is still putting out the most massive leaves (tank has a lid so they are just sort of bent over) and I am wondering whether to remove it too, and replace with a smaller Echinodorus.

Any thoughts? It's a beautiful plant but if it's just going to keep getting bigger I'd rather remove it now than keep pulling off giant new leaves. Or will it somehow take the hint and go back to moderate sized leaves? Any suggestions for a replacement large-but-not-THAT-large background plant for a 50cm high tank would be welcome too.
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