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EFilter Recommendations


30 Apr 2008
West Midlands UK
I'm a big JBL CristalProfi fan myself, and having seen a review for the new ones in this months PFK I am even more impressed. All of the things that I thought were -ve for the old range have been changed, so now the new ones are self priming, have aquastop etc.

I have to say thoug I still love my old style 250, in the same reviews it would seem that the Superfish Aqua-Pro SP range are identical to the old JBL ones though in every way, even to the inclusion of a plastic lily pipe outlet. So I would say that these would make a very good alternative for those on a lower budget (the review states that the 1,550 lph model is only £96.50).

I know it is too late now, but heh just thought I would give these another mention as they aren't all that well known in the UK yet, and in my opinion they deserve to be.


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