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Eheim Skim350 - good or bad ?


17 Mar 2020

Looking for any feedback on Eheims little powered skimmer.

Wondered if its pump was very quiet or if it resonates/hums at lot as it to be used for someone who prefers a quiet room.

Also how often, typically, does its filter need changing and if the dirty filter can be replaced with simple Floss rather than Eheims own filter ?




18 Dec 2014
I have it in my small tank right behind my workdesk, I barely notice it being on. Its on 30 minutes in the morning just as the lights come on, and 30 min in the evening after lights off, enough to keep any surface scum at bay. I clean it every 2 weeks or so. I have the insert ring for it to prevent small shrimp from getting inside.
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Fertz Calc Meister
1 Oct 2016
It works well IMO and I have one fitted to both my high tech tanks for a few years and keep the water surface scum free. I would recommend them with a few cautions.

They need cleaning - weekly so you don't forget, lost some livestock when I was too busy/ or forgot to clean it before holiday and surface scum lead to CO2 overdose
They are not kind to Otto's, use the custom skim guard which Aquarium Gardens advise.
Don't use boiling water to clean them - it will distort the plastic
Normal coarse sponge works well in them. Just trim to approx. size with scissors
If you have them off for longer than a five ten minutes RCS go into impellor to clean it and get macerated when they start up :oops:
Best switched off when feeding fish.
Works well in smaller tanks to force CO2 round tank if in tank CO2 diffuser fitted below.
I have mine going off for 5mins every few hours so RCS can escape, if no guarded fitted
If guard fitted needs cleaning regular/daily
Suckers last about a year or so so have some spare - I order from Eheim direct
Snails get in them and the surface skimmer can get suck with them, which makes them noisy

Tom Delattre

6 Oct 2020
France, Avignon
What Zeus said.
Aside from that, it's the most reliable and silent of all the skimmers I have tried. I've tried some of the more beautiful ones (white with a transparent filter part) but they are noisy and fragile.
That being said it. Not completely silent of course. My wife ise really sensitive to humming sounds so I had to pay extra attention to my filters. I changed my Oase biomaster for a Chihiros superjet (wayyy more silent) and put it on a "washing machine anti vibration mat" bought at a local store.
My skimmer only adds a little to the Superjet's noise, but it adds. Even I can notice the difference if I pay attention. But my wife says it's okay. And clearly superjet + eheim skimmer make less noise than the Oase.
Aside from the humming sound, that's a skimmer so you will get the occasional - ok, kinda frequent- slurping sound when the sucker isn't well aligned with the surface. Sometimes it "giggles" in its holders too which makes a little bit of noise (plastic hitting plastic). But those noises are easily remedied with a little placement/ adjusting. It's just that since water level changes, those noises are bound to come back...
Hope this helps :)

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