Eheim vivaline 240 planted aquarium


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2 Sep 2020
Bury, UK
Hello everybody new to the forum this is my current set up Which has been running approx 20 months, anybody that has any advise or ideas they are very welcome.

Eheim vivaline 240
Eheim ecco pro 300 filter 750l/h
TMC vecton2 600 run by a eheim 1250 pump 1200l/h
CO2 art dual regulator with An in-line defuser on a fire extinguisher
Eheim classic LED strip that came with the tank on 7hrs a day
Fluval plant 3.0 LED currently only on 60% on 8hrs a day half an hour sunrise and sunset
Water change approx 70% weekly
Dosing 5ml of TNC daily


The right hand side has JBL substrate with a gravel cap the left hand side is gravel with sand underneath as my wife had a change of plan
I have various plants not sure of all the names.
Fish: Zebra danios, plates, guppies, otos, cardinal tetras with various shrimp and snails

I’m getting BBA algae in the middle part of my tank which looking at my pumps could be a low flow issue not sure if to upgrade the filter and run everything off the filter then add a powerhead or just add the powerhead. Currently spot dosing with liquid carbon

Thinking of moving the plants around on the left side removing the valis as I’m not that keen on them and possibly the Amazon swords for the right side moving the stem plants from the left over to the right side trimming and replanting where I can