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EI on my rio 125

6 Jan 2009
My rio 125 goes through bottles of TPN+ like nobodies business, i have enough to last me till christmas so for christmas im going to ask for dry ferts.

I want to dose the powders dry instead of mixing them up if possible.

Ive had a scan through the pin but still dont know how to estimate, the amount of powder that will need dosing.

If I dose trace straight from the container do i still need ascorbic acid and potassium sorbate?


The tank will be running CO2 @30ppm from christmas, and lighting is 56 watts of T5 (God damn you juwel!)


21 Feb 2008
You can dose the salts straight into the tank, I did that for over a year and it worked just fine, have a look at my journal which is also for a Juwel Rio 125, I have quantities there and also a nice holder for the daily dosage of ferts.

This is what I dosed my tank with dry salts straight into the tank:


Macro: KN03 (2.4 grams 3x week ), KH2P04 (0.6 grams 3x a week) e K2S04 (0.6 grams 3x a week)
Micro: Trace Mix from AE (0.6 grams 3x a week) e MgS04 (4 grams 3x a week)

Both mixes are dosed on alternate days. I also add 5ml of EasyCarbo per day, helps the plants with the extra carbon and also kills off the algea.

Sunday: 50% water change + Macro
Monday: Micro
Tuesday: Macro
Wednesday: Micro
Thursday: Macro
Friday: Micro
Saturday: Day Off

Have a read though my journal, will also show you the up and downs of the hobby haha ;) Hope that helps :)